The End of Something Wonderful: A Practical Guide to a Backyard Funeral

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Children love their pets very much—and when the animals die, that loss can be hard to process. The End of Something Wonderful helps kids handle their feelings when they’re hurting and can’t find all the right words. In a warm, understanding, sometimes funny way, it guides children as they plan a backyard funeral to say goodbye, from choosing a box and a burial spot to giving a eulogy and wiping away tears. Most of all, it reassures them that it’s not the end of everything . . . and that Something Wonderful can always happen again.




ISBN: 9781454932116
Publisher:  Sterling Children's Books (September 10, 2019
Language: English
Age: 5-8
Page Count: 32
Publication Date: 9/10/2019
Size: 8.7 x 0.5 x 10.9 inches