Baccano! Vol. 6 :1933 The Slash -Cloudy to Rainy

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The immortal Elmer C. Albatross is a Smile Junkie who'll do whatever it takes for his happy ending--despite not knowing the first thing about happiness. Three hundred years after the passengers of the Advena Avis parted ways, four of them have finally tracked Elmer to a village in Northern Europe where the inhabitants seem to be stuck in their old ways, fearing the visitors as "demons." During their stay, the immortals encounter a strange girl, and their past catches up with them...


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ISBN: 9780316558662
Publisher: Yen On; Illustrated edition
Language: English
Age: 13 & up
Publishing Date: 09/19/2017
Page Count: 240
Size: 14.92 x 2.22 x 21.91 cm