Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs

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Dinosaurs BIG and dinosaurs TINY, dinosaurs SMOOTH and dinosaurs SPINY gather in this energetic board book that introduces the concept of opposites from the bestselling author Sandra Boynton!

Some outside and some indoors—OH MY OH MY OH DINOSAURS! Sunbathing dinosaurs and artistic dinosaurs, dancing dinosaurs and volleyball-playing dinosaurs make learning opposites fun!

Dinosaurs EARLY.
Dinosaurs LATER.
Dinosaurs crammed in an elevator.
Dinosaurs PLUMP.
Dinosaurs LEAN.
Dinosaurs RED, BLUE, YELLOW, and GREEN.

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ISBN: 978-1665925044
Publisher:  Boynton Bookworks (Jan. 3 2023)
Language: English
Age: 0-3
Publishing Date: 01/03/2023
Page Count: 18
Size: 14.99 x 1.78 x 12.45 cm