Simonie and the Dance Contest

Type: Paperback
SKU: BD0442

Simonie loves to dance! When he sees a sign for Taloyoak’s annual Christmas Jigging Dance Contest, he can’t wait to enter. But practising is hard work, and Simonie starts to worry that he won’t do a good job in front of all his friends and neighbours. Luckily, with a little advice from his anaana and ataata, and some help from his friends Dana and David, Simonie learns how to listen to the music and dance the way it makes him feel. When the time comes for the contest, he’s ready to dance his very best. Based on the annual Christmas dance contest in the community of Taloyoak, Nunavut, this heartwarming picture book shows how a lot of hard work―and a little inspiration―can go a long way.


ISBN: 9781772272246
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Language: English
Age: 5-8
Page Count: 36
Publication Date: 8/3/2019
Size:  8.5 x 0.2 x 8.5 inches