Gund Jiggy the Blue Dragon

Type: Soft Plush



Jiggy is a cute baby dragon who is learning how to be dragonish. He tries to be fiercest but has trouble blending into the background. His electrifying blue coat is dazzling and beautiful to the human eye, but for a dragon, it is difficult to sneak attack a village. His neck is slightly bending to the side which doesn't hinder his abilities, but rather makes him awesome and unique.

It looks like Jiggy will have to remain a cute and cuddly friend to children (or adults). Will you give him a forever home?


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Care instructions: 

Please review the care instructions on the label. If no label is present gently wash by hand or on a gentle cycle. Dry at a low temperature or hang to dry. 

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*Condition: used-good
-slight bending neck

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Producer: Gund Kids
 Size: 14 x 9.76 x 6.85 inches 
14.9 oz
Age: 24 months & up
Colour: Turquoise blue
Series: Scales N' Tales