Book Box for Her


Included in this box:

3 books (Choose 1 to add)
Birthday colouring pages
Crayons by Crayon Rocks
1 Magic Growing Dragon

Note: the first photo is an example and does not represent this custom box. Still, this box will be awesome.  

Books included

Teddy's Favorite Toy

Teddy has a lot of cool toys. But his very favourite doll has the best manners, the sickest fighting skills, and a fierce sense of style.

Zuri Ray Tries Ballet

Meet Zuri Ray. She’s always willing to go the extra mile for family and friends and is up for any challenge. At least, that was before her best friend, Jessie, asked her to join a ballet camp.

Jingle Dancer

Jenna loves the tradition of jingle dancing that has been shared over generations in her family and intertribal community. She hopes to dance at the next powwow.

The Ocean Calls

Dayeon wants to be a haenyeo just like Grandma. The haenyeo dive off the coast of Jeju Island to pluck treasures from the sea--generations of Korean women have done so for centuries.