Double Cup of Chai

Type: Stickers
SKU: HC206

This is a weatherproof, vinyl sticker packaged set. Words on the Tea cup lounging sticker, "You're just my cup of chai".

These glossy waterproof stickers are perfect to add to your laptop, journal, planner, or anywhere else you would want to add a cute sticker!


Package includes:

1 x Tea Cup Reading
1 x Tea Cup Lounging

1 x Pastel Quran
1 x Little Vinyl Masjid or Masajid


About Artist: 

"I’m Huda, and I used to wish growing up in the US for more Muslim/Islamic representation. That’s why I decided to create Islamic/Muslim stickers, art prints, pins/buttons, and more, using my illustration skills to expand the cute range of products available for Muslims"


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