Helping Hand Magnets


For fun and motivating housework! The Helping Hand magnet set is a fun and practical tool that makes chore management much more fun for the whole family. Let them choose the chores they will do this week. Plan a reward together and enjoy more quality time with your family! The perfect tool for encouraging your children's involvement in family life and giving their self-esteem a little boost!

Use the My Daily Routine motivational kit or the One Week At a Time family organizer. Magnetic board not included.

- I help prepare our meal
- I water the plants
- I take the garbage out
- I tidy my room
- I clean up my mess
- I take care of my pet
- I clear the table
- I put my clothes in the laundry
- I empty/fill the dishwasher
- I fold my clothes
- I set the table
- I clean the floor


  •  Ideal for stimulating autonomy and children's involvement from age preschool and up
  • 12 round, illustrated magnets with different age-appropriate household chores

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