One Week At a Time Family Organizer - Horizontal


Get the whole family organized! The One Week At a Time family organizer is an indispensable tool for organizing family life. Fun and practical, it allows you to involve each family member in household chores. Together create a meal plan or write down appointments. At the end of the week, erase and start again!

Get organized and enjoy more quality time as a family... one week at a time! Use alone or along with the Helping Hand magnet kit.

HOW TO USE IT - As a family, decide on each family member's chores and challenges for the week. You can use the Helping Hand magnets to make your life easier. Involve children as much as possible in the decision process. Let them choose their chores!

  • Plan a reward for each family member on the weekend. 
  • When each chore is done, let the children tick the "I'm done!" box with the dry erase marker. 
  • At the end each day, decide together which face best suits their involvement and color it in.
  • Repeat the next day!