On the trail of Britain's Fairy Folk

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On the Trail of Britain’s Fairy Folk takes the curious reader on the trail of places and characters featured in a fascinating selection of supernatural stories and mysterious legends across the country.

From lovelorn mermaids off the coast of Cornwall to a protective fairy flag in the Isle of Skye the tales in this attractive new title tell of many a fateful encounter between the earthly world and the otherworld of the fairy folk. Places that have
inspired more modern tales and mysteries are also explored, such as Pook’s Hill near Kipling’s home in Sussex or the grainy photographs of the Cottingley Fairies taken by two young Victorian sisters which were seen by many to prove the existence of fairies.

A lively narrative accompanied by a mix of atmospheric photographs and colourful
illustrations bring the locations and tales to life. Attractive, stylized maps for each main location and a comprehensive gazetteer of every place mentioned providing all the information a visitor needs to discover these enchanted sites.
On the Trail of Britain’s Fairy Folk is the ideal guide or gift for anyone fascinated by the fairy lore of the British Isles and who may be curious to discover the magic of these places for themselves.

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ISBN: 9780709584230
Publisher: Visitbritain (Oct. 1 2007)
Language: English
Age: Adult
Publishing Date: 10/1/2007
Page Count: 96