The Bondswoman

Type: Paperback


a long-legged black woman stands on the auction block. Her name is Hillaby. Torn from her home in Barbados and thrust into the grim world of colonial Plymouth, she looks into the eyes that leer at her with Puritanical rage and greedy lust. One man answers her gaze. He is Robert Stanhope, a landowner of strong character and sexual appetite, who buys her to save her from certain death -- and to make her his mistress.

In her master's arms, Hillaby finds a passion as unquenchable as her own. But her desire for freedom is even greater than her desire for Robert, and the two lovers are soon locked in a tumultuous duel of romance and domination, humiliation and sexual need.

Hillaby is THE BONDSWOMAN -- a fiercely proud woman who fights for her self-esteem in an age when all women, black and white, are treated as slaves.


*Condition: used-good
creases on the cover
-no highlights or writing

Printed in Canada

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Publisher: Avon Books
Language: English
Age: adult
Publishing Date: 4/1978
Page Count: 304