The Mystery of the Missing Man

Type: Paperback

Summary by: Julie Heginbotham

Easter time and much to the amazement of Pip, Larry, Bets and Daisy, Fatty is on a diet, as he has been entered for the First Tennis Team next term, and so he takes up cross-country running, which actually comes in quite handy as a good excuse to escape from Eunice, the Trotteville's house guest, along with her father, who is a member of the Beetle Conference being held in Peterswood. The conference being just the place for a man in hiding, and who the police are looking everywhere for, especially as he loves nature, insects and cats! So with permission from Chief Inspector Jenks, The Find-Outers, keep a look out for this missing man, with Eunice as a hindrance and having fun with Mr Goon, who in disguise, is also on the lookout for the missing man.



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ISBN: 583301274
Publisher: Dragon Books
Language: English
Age: Teen
Publishing Date: 1979
Page Count: 139
Size: 15.24 x 0.3 x 22.86 cm
Series: Five Find-Outers