Welcome to Unicorn School (Dave the Unicorn, 1)

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Type: Hardcover
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Welcome to Unicorn School, where you get your own unicorn best friend! You go on magical quests together! There is glitter! There is even more glitter!

Mira can hardly contain her excitement as her fellow students are paired with their unicorns. Darcy is assigned the statuesque Star, whose shimmering coat always catches the light. Raheem is matched with Brave, whose every step reverberates like thunder. And Mira is paired with...


Dave loves doughnuts. He doesn't follow directions very well. And he farts. A lot.

Mira is a little disappointed. But she soon realizes Dave is unlike his fellow unicorns in another way: He's a little smarter than they are. When a school trip goes awry, the only way to save the day is for Mira to embrace her unexpected unicorn best friend.


ISBN: 9781250256348
Publisher: Imprint
Language: English
Age: 7-10
Page Count: 176
Publication Date: 7/21/2020
Size: 7.79" l x 5.13" w x 0.68" 
Series: N/A