No Fits, Nilson!

La catégorie: Hardcover
SKU: BD0055

Nilson and Amelia do everything together. But if one little thing goes wrong, Nilson throws the biggest, most house shaking-est fit ever! Amelia helps Nilson control his gorilla-sized temper by promising him banana ice cream and letting him play with her froggy coin purse. But, sometimes, Amelia needs to be calmed down, too.

Inspired by Ohora's own "negotiations" with his two sons, No Fits, Nilson! is a hilarious preschool pick for kids and parents navigating the treacherous tantrum phase.



ISBN: 9780803738522
Publisher: Dial Books
Language: English
Page Count: 32
Publication Date: 6/13/2013
Size: 22.2 x 0.9 x 27.5 cm
Series: N/A