Is That You, Eleanor Sue?

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Saturdays are dress-up days when Eleanor Sue

Climbs out the window . . .
Tiptoes over to the front door . . .
And rings the doorbell.

Ding dong.

When her mother answers, she doesn’t see Eleanor Sue. She sees

A cranky old neighbor.
Or a hungry witch.
Or a white-bearded wizard.

Eleanor Sue is a master of disguise, but when her mother gets in on the act, along with Grandma, anything can happen in this whimsical picture book by award-winning author/illustrator Tricia Tusa.

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ISBN: 9781250143235
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Language: English
Age: 3-7
Page Count: 32
Publication Date: 12/4/2018
Size: 23.7 x 1.04 x 25.81 cm