Love and Other Fiascos (the popularity papers)

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Love is in the air! Julie and Roland are an official "couple," which means . . . well, they’re not exactly sure what, except that it makes Papa Dad extremely anxious. Meanwhile, Lydia’s mom announces that she’s marrying Coach Eric (the soccer coach from England), and Lydia and her sister, Melody, are not happy about it. With the wedding date looming, the girls will have to figure out how to accept the inevitability of change - and that even if the change isn’t what you thought you wanted, it can still end up all right, as long as you have good friends at your side.


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ISBN: 9781419713569
Publisher: Amulet Books
Language: English
Page Count: 206
Age: 8+
Publication Date: 10/08/2013
Size: 8.03" l x 5.99" w x 0.65"
Series: N/A