Peachy Peach Glitter Water Based Nail Polish

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La catégorie: Nail Polish

Peachy is the junior equivalent of mom's coral nail polish for summer, a vibrant explosion of glitter as energetic as your sweet pea, that she can share with mom and dad. Water-based nail polish for kids.

100% fun: conceived by grown-ups very much in touch with their inner child, our nail polish has a water-based formula. 100% washable: a bit of soapy water and poof, it's gone! Good news for your sofa and carpeting. 100% safe: free from phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, and fragrance. Dermatologically tested. Design in collaboration with OMY.

Made in France with lots of laughs and colours. Easy to put on.

1. shake to get sparkles all over.

2. apply 1 or 2 coats.

3. wave their hands in the air to dry and have fun.

Please use this nail polish under adult supervision. Unsuitable for children under 3.



  • 8ml.
  • height 9.00 cm, width 1.90 cm, length 5.50 cm.
  • 52g.