No No Yes Yes/No no sí sí

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YES! Now in a dual-language Spanish-English edition, this must-have toddler title sheds light on some concepts with a comical flair that will make readers HAPPY.

Yanking the cat's tail: no, NO. A gentle pat on the back: yes, YES. And it’s funny how dumping a bowl of food gets a very different reaction from mastering the use of a spoon. The expressive Baby demonstrates familiar behaviours in an amusing board book that merits a giant YES.

Algunas cosas son No No.
¡Pero otras son Sí Sí!

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Publisher:  Candlewick; Bilingual edition (Sept. 25 2018)
Language: English/spanish
Age: 0-3
Publishing Date: 09/25/ 2018
Page Count: 20
Size: 16.51 x 2.29 x 16.51 cm