Reading Makes Me Capy Capybara Bookmark with Tassel

SKU: BK-006

'Reading Makes Me Capy' Bookmark by Turtle's Soup. Capybara loves reading to all her animal friends at the pond. They all gather around to listen to fun stories about adventure and friendship. Sometimes they even stack on top of her to get a better look at the pictures on the pages!

Hold your spot in style with our fun and funky bookmark collection! Whether you prefer romance, fantasy, or science fiction, our bookmarks will fit perfectly between the pages of your favorite novel.

🐢 Includes rainbow colored tassel

🐢 Bookmark is printed on sustainably-sourced premium ultra-thick card stock with soft-touch matte texture

🐢 Unique design on the front and back

🐢 Bookmark measures 2" x 6"


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