P.I. Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake (Warne Fantasia Pictorial)

La catégorie: Hardcover

Tokyo, 1970, 1stUS, Gakken. Pictorial cloth, 10¼" x 9¾", 32 pages, DW, A volume from the Fantasia Pictorial Series. This series of interpretations of Western music was interesting, if not entirely successful. However, this volume makes up for any of the deficiencies of its predecessors. Shigeru Hatsuyama (1897-1973) was one of the great figures who revolutionized the art of Japanese woodcuts following the war. He was apprenticed to the painter Kano Tenrei at the age of ten, before Western influences became reflected in Japanese art, so his education was classical, influenced by the ukiyo-e artist, Moronobu and by ancient examples. He was one of the greatest contributors to Japanese children's books and magazines.


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ISBN: 9780723217596
Publisher: Gakken
Language: English
Age: ALL
Publishing Date: 1971
Page Count: 32