Welcome to the NHK Vol 2

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Surrounded by turmoil and tragedy, Satou and Misaki are drawn closer to each other, and the timing couldn't be better. Satou's mother pays him a visit as Misaki comes over to pose as his "girlfriend." But will the façade hold up under her scrutiny? Later, Satou is upset by the fact that most of his problems involve women, and he and Yamazaki share their frustration. Misaki is worried that Satou is heading down a path of destruction. Can she save him before it is too late--or is it already too late?"Simply put, it just works. It works amazingly well... N.H.K. is something that has become very rare these days: original." -AnimeonDVD


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ISBN:  978-1598166798
Publisher: TOKYO POP (Adult Books)
Language: English
Ages: Adult
Page Count: 200
Publication Date: 01/30/2007
Size: 13.34 x 1.91 x 19.05 cm
Series: NHK