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What is the HoneyBooks' Reward Program?

When you join the HoneyBooks family we value your loyalty and that is where the HoneyBooks' Rewards program and HoneyBucks come into play. 

Every purchase gets you closer to getting amazing discounts and rewards so that you can use them towards your next purchase. 



HoneyBucks are just like regular dollars and comes in the form of store credits. Once you receive your HoneyBucks you can choose how you would like to spend it; use it right away or save your bucks to be accumulated and used during a future purchase. Yes, like Chuck-E-Cheese tickets!


How to acquire HoneyBucks?

  1. Punch Cards: For every purchase you make you will be getting closer to an end prize.  
    1. 5 purchases = 10% off your next purchase
    2. 10 purchases = 10 HoneyBucks for your next purchase. *If the next purchase is $10<, the leftover HoneyBucks will not be refunded into cash.
  2. Referrals: When you share our business, it makes us so HAPPY! With every referral, you get a reward.
    1. When you tell a friend about us you may receive HoneyBucks ($$) or a prize from our prize box. *prizes and rewards are subject to change. 
    2. HoneyBucks will be rewarded once the referred customer makes a successful purchase. The referred friend will also receive HoneyBucks.
  3. The VIP Loyalty Program: We value your loyalty and we want to reward you for being a part of our family. Every dollar you spend will get you closer to earning more HoneyBucks. Example: Spend a total of $525 and receive 15 HoneyBucks.


How to check your balance

There are two ways to check your balance

  1. Through your account page: 
  • At the account page, click the Store Credit button. A pop-up will appear, containing the current Store Credit balance.
  • Add a gift card by clicking on 'Add Store Credit'. The gift card balance will be added to the loyalty card balance.
  • After adding a gift card to a loyalty card,  the gift card will be automatically disabled, and a note will be added to the gift card with the merge details. 
      2. Through the rewards widget:
  •      a rewards widget can be found on the right bottom section of your screen. 
  •     click the button that says "HoneyBucks" and a pop-up will open with your information