Born Bright: A Young Girl's Journey from Nothing to Something in America

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So begins Born Bright, C. Nicole Mason's powerful memoir, a story of reconciliation, constrained choices and life on the other side of the tracks. Born in the 1970s in Los Angeles, California, Mason was raised by a beautiful, but volatile16-year-old single mother. Early on, she learned to navigate between unpredictable home life and school where she excelled.

By high school, Mason was seamlessly straddling two worlds. The first, a cocoon of familiarity where street smarts, toughness and the ability to survive won the day. The other, foreign and unfamiliar with its own set of rules, not designed for her success. In her Advanced Placement classes and outside of her neighbourhood, she felt unwelcomed and judged because of the way she talked, dressed and wore her hair.



ISBN: 9781250069924
Publisher: St. Martin's Press 
Language: English
Age: Young Adult
Page Count: 256
Publication Date: 8/16/2016
Size: 16.2 x 2.4 x 24.4 cm