Freedom Over Me

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Type: Hardcover
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magine being looked up and down and being valued as less than chair. Less than an ox. Less than a dress. Maybe about the same as…a lantern.

You, an object. An object to sell.

In his gentle yet deeply powerful way, Ashley Bryan goes to the heart of how a slave is given a monetary value by the slave owner, tempering this with the one thing that CAN’T be bought or sold—dreams. Inspired by the actual will of a plantation owner that lists the worth of each and every one of his “workers”, Bryan has created collages around that document, and others like it. Through fierce paintings and expansive poetry he imagines and interprets each person’s life on the plantation, as well as the life their owner knew nothing about—their dreams and pride in knowing that they were worth far more than an Overseer or Madam ever would guess. Visually epic, and never before done, this stunning picture book is unlike anything you’ve seen.




ISBN: 9781481456906
Publisher: Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books; 1st Edition edition
Language: English
Age: 4-6
Page Count: 56
Publication Date: 9/13/2016
Size: 10 x 0.4 x 11 inches
Series:  Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Books