My Potty Training Chart

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Ditching Diapers for Good! The My Potty Training Chart motivational kit is a fun and practical tool to help your child get into that underwear for good! Forget the stickers; magnets are much more fun! Let your child proudly slide his magnet over after going pee or poo on the potty or toilet.

It’s the perfect tool to encourage autonomy and value your little one’s self-esteem.


- Pee
- Poo
- 7 colourful underwear

HOW TO USE IT - Let your child slide the “pee” or “poo” magnet over according to his or her current success. - When a magnet falls on a purple circle, do a little dance and offer a reward (optional, depending on your child's level). - For each dry day (first, determine your goal: day, night, or both), place an "underwear" magnet in the appropriate box. You can set a goal and offer a reward as you deem fit. - Repeat for as long as necessary!

*Ideal for children 2 years and up as they start potty training

Canadian Business
Quebec Owned