Vieux Thomas et la petite fée

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At Méga-Super-Tout you can find everything. Really everything. Light-up pencil cases that turn into walkie-talkies, pajamas that sing lullabies, Barbie-who-stinky-foot-for-real and even parents. Yes, at Super-Méga-Tout, you can also buy moms and dads. It’s definitely the perfect place for a little girl like Marianne, who is tired of not being able to have the toys she wants.   Sacrifice your savings to afford a new pair of parents. Maybe it’s a good investment?

*Condition: very good

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ISBN: 978-2895404804
Publisher: Dominique et Compagnie
Language: Français
Age: 3-5
Publishing Date: 27 avril 2016
Page Count:
Size: 22 x 1.1 x 28.6 cm